Corona Virus Explained

We will talk here only about what we know 4 sure.


The Virus has originated from a Chinese Province called Wuhan Province.

Rumour says It started at a meat market.


Nearby is a Virus Laboratory, which is the cause of mayor unrest.


Wild stories fly around and even we do not know the full story about this lab.


We recommend people to Reserve Judgement untill the Media Storm has settled.


Also many people rebell against their governments and reject the lockdown as a form of oppression.


We feel like thats unwise to do...


Although Most Western Governments have scammed us for Years, We believe This threat is real.


We ( I speak alone, professionally As the Administrator of this Website ) and an Aquaintence of Us got infected 4 months ago.

However: We had minor symptoms.

Therefore: We deem it Unwise to rebell against Lockdown, Without the proper KNOWLEDGE of circumstances.


If You have Any doubt:

Stay Indoors, and obey the rules.


There are momentarily more than 40.000 Youtube videos going around, totally contradictory, with the wildest stories about Bill Gates, going on, the WHO, the Lockdown, the Lab and the Virus being a Hoax.

Although in some of these videos may be a lot of truth, I deem it Unwise to ignore Lockdown Legislation UNLESS you possess insider Knowledge on which rules to ignore, and to have a better alternative than obeying these rules.


Lucky We are Twitter Insiders.

We will discuss which rules to ignore and why.

But We Recommend to only do this when You  take the Prescribed Alternatives we add, or Else You will get Yourself into Trouble.